Back Row (L to R):  Becky Gustafson, Annie DeBenedetto, Jon Meredith, Rebecca McKelley, Ellen Stotler 

Middle Row (L to R): Joy Meredith, Becka Johansen, Amy Hogsett, Krista Finney, Julie Tanaka

Front Row (L to R):  Brian Finney, Kristi Amick, Kristie Streck,  Linda Kelley

Not Pictured:  Kelly Harris, Suzanne Gray, and Bryan Yu 



Krista Finney & Linda Kelley

The President convenes and presides over all Board and General Membership meetings. Other duties include general supervision over all affairs, activities, committees, and business of the RCHS Band Boosters.

Co-Vice Presidents



The Vice President plans and coordinates the ongoing calendar of events including the annual marching band banquet, end of year band banquet, Feeder Festival, and the CHSSA event hosted by RCHS.

Co-Finance Chairpersons

Amy Hogsett & Kristie Streck

The Finance Chairperson is the custodian of funds for the RCHS Band Boosters, maintaining checking and savings accounts for the purpose of managing the Band Boosters funds, and responsible for the development of an annual budget.

Secretary/Director of Communications

Julie Tanaka 

The Director of Communications plans and coordinates communication between the Board and the General Membership, keeps minutes of all meetings, and also maintains a current database of student information for the RCHS Bands.

Co-Directors of Operations

Greg King & Jon Strickland 

The Director of Operations coordinates logistics and maintenance of RCHS band equipment, instrumentation, and band facilities. The Director of Operations also coordinates the design, building, and maintenance of props, onsite support during band events, and all logistics regarding transportation.

Director of Fundraising


The Director of Fundraising coordinates the raising of funds needed to supplement the fees and school support for the Band Programs to supply the resources needed to keep our musicians performing at their highest levels.

Coordinator of Concessions

Preston Panza 

The Coordinator of Concessions is responsible for coordinating volunteers to support Fall and Spring sports Concessions.

Coordinator of Volunteers

Kristi Amick

The Volunteer Coordinator coordinates and recruits volunteers needed for all events throughout the year.

Co-Food Chairpersons

Ellen Stotler & Angela Gaffney

The Food Chairperson coordinates or provides food to the students and staff at practices, competitions, or other events when a meal should be provided, as well as coordinating food at the annual band banquet.

Co-​Pit Crew Coordinators

​Brian Finney & Jay Freise 

The Pit Crew Coordinator coordinates the volunteers necessary to provide support required by the Band to get props on and off the field / floor at competitions during the marching season, including the coordination of volunteers to load and unload trucks.

Co-Coordinators of Student Attire

Krista Finney & Cynthia Snyder

The Coordinator of Student Attire plans and coordinates all aspects of uniforms/costumes for marching band and symphonic/concert band. This includes inventorying, coordinating uniform/costume cleaning, fitting and alterations, storage arrangements, and check-out and check-in.

Coordinator of Spirit Wear

Annie DeBenedetto

The Spirit Wear Coordinator maintains the spirit wear store on the RCHS bands website, and works with spirit wear vendors to design and produce t-shirts for the marching band show and other events as required.


Bryan Yu

The Webmaster works with the Band Director to maintain the RCHS bands website and to make updates as required.

Color Guard Liaison


The Color Guard Liaison assists the Band Director/Coach of the Guard in planning and coordinating all aspects of the Color Guard and Winter Guard programs or those in which the Band Director/Coach needs assistance.

Percussion Liaison


The Percussion Liaison assists the Band Director/coach of the Percussion in planning and coordinating all aspects of the Winter Percussion program or those in which the Band Director/Coach needs assistance